About Mark

"I blend my passion of photography with my skills in technology"I

Having worked two jobs as a web designer and a photographer for many years eventually the paths have crossed and a streamline business is formed. 

Fashion photography blended with visually exciting websites, what better industry to complement our variety of skills than the health and beauty sector!  

Meet Mark

I am Mark, a Professional Photographer who fell into the IT trap.  I went from fashion and modelling photography to building websites and sorting out emails.  Little did I know the two skills would come together in perfect harmony! 



I have years of experience in professional photography and web design.
I have been in IT support and web design since 2002 and professional photography since 2010.
I pride myself in understanding my client requirements and relaying client visions into an interactive online visual masterpiece.

"I specialise in imagery optimised for screen and the web"

Don’t jeopardise the quality of your work!  I have years of experience in optimising high quality images and video for viewing on computer and mobile devices.  

Understanding how to get the highest quality images from the camera is one thing, but to understand the optimal settings to display your image in a web friendly resolution that maintains the highest possible quality and the fastest load time is another. 


Social Media Management

I love learning the latest social media algorithms and following the latest trends.  I specialise in social media account management implementing effective strategic campaigns on optimal schedules.

"I support all your salon tech"

There’s not a single plug in your salon that I don’t understand. My first-line support packages go to the extent of IT support across all of your salon technology even if I haven’t implemented it in the first place. 

I wont leave you hanging, most of the time we can remote into your PC and put things right giving you peace of mind that you can focus on what you do best!

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